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Hydrographic Surveying, Dredge Guidance and Tracking Capabilities

In support of its dredging operations, Dredge America owns and operates industry leading hardware and software systems which include HYPACK’s DREDGEPACK  and HYPACK  MAX software packages, Trimble Navigation differential GPS (DGPS) and real time kinematic (RTK) capable GPS receivers and Teledyne Odom echo sounder.

aquatic survey

Mission Lake: Hydrographic Survey Example

This software and hardware combination affords us dredge guidance / tracking capabilities and supports our in house bathymetric data collection efforts as well.  More specifically:

DREDGEPACK coupled with our Trimble GPS receivers provides real-time positioning and guidance to our dredge operators.  Incorporating dredge limits and design grade information, the systems allow our operators to maximize productivity by dredging efficiently, within limits and to grade without over-dredging or operating outside of project limits.

DREDGEPACK reporting capabilities allow us to monitor and report progress on a regular, automated basis.  Up-to-date progress status is always available by utilizing the “matrix file” update functionality within DREDGEPACK.

HYPACK  MAX is used onboard our custom-built survey vessel along with Trimble GPS and our Teledyne Odom echo sounder to collect hydrographic survey data.  Pre- and post- dredging survey data collections allows us to better plan and execute our dredging projects and offers an extra measure of quality control throughout the life of a project while minimizing the need for, and costs incurred by, utilizing outside sources for hydrographic data collection and reporting.

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