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Channel and Canal Dredging

Channel DredgingWorking for the Corps of Engineers and private clients, we routinely dredge sediment from navigation channels and irrigation channels around the U.S. Recreational boating channels leading to marinas, boat docks and private homes are common projects for Dredge America. In addition, we’ve dredged intake channels for nuclear power and coal fired plants to ensure sufficient flow is maintained for the plants operations.

Whether you need to get your boat or barge from here to there or you simply need to get water flowing, Dredge America can open your channel to meet your objectives. We own and operate dredges specifically designed to work in narrow channels and canals. These swinging ladder dredges do not require anchors and thus can operate while allowing existing boat traffic to pass with little interference. Performing these projects with a hydraulic dredge allows the material to be placed sometimes several thousand feet away from the channel.

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