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Kansas Takes Steps to Reclaim Reservoir

For a number of years, Kansans have recognized that the relative health of the federal reservoirs is declining. It’s not so much that they are sick, although there have been some issues with herbicides, algae, phosphorus and zebra mussels in the past, it’s the age of the reservoirs that is the issue.
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Dredge America Remains Successful
Through its Professionalism and Reputation

Dredge America prides itself on its professionalism as well as its ability to perform projects across the United States. “The main thing that distinguishes us is our professionalism, which we feel is way above and beyond anyone else in our profession across the board,” President Dan McDougal says. “We have new and very well maintained equipment, and our crew is very clean-cut, welldressed and courteous to our clients,” he adds
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Mission Lake Dredging Project
Nearing Completion

The Division of Kansas Water Resources regulates the use of water for hydraulic dredging as well as a dam
constructed to store sediment as part of the Mission Lake dredging project. Recently, DWR staff visited
the operation to observe the progress and check compliance. This article provides an overview of the
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Dredger Finds Niche in Smaller Jobs
When Dan McDougal started Dredge America in 1993, he was taking an unusual step. His company is one of very few in the dredging business that is not family owned and staffed, according to Barry Holliday, chairman of the Dredging Contractors of America... Read More

KC's Best Companies
Dredge America has performed more than 200 dredging operations since it opened, and has seen its revenues surge by 31 percent the past two years. You don’t get there without taking care of your people... Read More

Dredge Equipment Methodology
The process of sediments filling the lake contributes to eutrophication. It is a natural process that may occur over hundreds or thousands of years. Accelerated eutrophication evolves when ground cover vegetation is disturbed within the lake’s or reservoir’s drainage basin. This disturbance occurs during construction projects, farming operations, or any incidents when ground cover is disturbed... Read More

New Directions in Dredging
Dan McDougal has dealt with everything from sea turtles and manatees to rare sea grass not seen in Texas for 20 years. He isn't a marine biologist, though. He is president of Kansas City, MO–based Dredge America, which performs hydraulic dredging projects for lakes, marinas, golf courses, municipal lagoons, and other facilities throughout the country. And in doing his job, he's had to protect the habitats of endangered species, preserve rare aquatic plants, and restore dying wetlands.... Read full article

Community Asset is Restored
Ranger Lake in Arlington Texas was in need of major restoration so Dredge America mobilized their hydraulic dredge and constructed a temporary 1.5 mile pipeline to pump 110,000 cubic yards of sediment to settling basins constructed upstream. The sediment settled in the basins and the clean water flowed over a flashboard riser where it returned to the lake. A booster pump was utilized in line to ensure the heavy sand was carried the distance... Read full article

Course Friendly Options for Water Management
Water is an essential component of golf courses. Lakes and ponds provide both aesthetics for the course and an irrigation source for turf. When sediment builds up in these lakes, it can cause problems in a variety of ways...read full article

The clarity of your water can have a significant impact on property values.
If your community has a lake, marina, pond or other substantial body of water, it's almost certain to have stuff in it—cloudy, muddy stuff that looks terrible and probably give residents a pause about going anywhere near it...read on

Restoration leaves lake in pristine condition
After four months of dredging, the overgrown tussocks that choked the 20-acre body of water are gone, leaving the water cleaner that it has been in decades...read full article

Project necessary for Marina expansion
Dredging crews are pulling our all the stops-as well as a few other things-while deepening the Pleasure Island Marina...read on

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