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Hydraulic Dredging:
Least Invasive and Most Cost-Effective

Hydraulic DredgingA progressive and high-tech solution for removing sediment from the lake bottom is through portable hydraulic dredging.

A hydraulic dredge floats on the water and excavates and pumps the material through a temporary pipeline to an offsite location, often several thousand feet away. This dredge acts like a floating vacuum cleaner that can remove sediment very precisely.

With a hydraulic dredge, the dredge discharge line and return line are the only obstructions in the environment. The lines are usually laid on the ground surface. Other than this, the dredge, which is not much larger than a boat, is the only machine to be seen. It is a very unobtrusive method that does not require disturbing the shoreline and only requires one trip in to put the dredge in the water and one trip out when the project is complete.

Hydraulic dredging provides the cleanest and least obtrusive method for sediment removal without damaging the sensitive environment.

Hydraulic Dredge dropped from crane
Dredge is dropped into the water using a crane.

Sediment removalSediment is removed from aquatic area
Sediment is removed from aquatic area

Sediment can be descharged then de-watered
Discharge is pumped through a pipeline to nearby settling area. Sediment can then be de-watered and either replanted or trucked off location.

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