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Industrial & Municipal Lagoon Dredging

Lagoon Dredging AgriChemDredging industrial lagoons and municipal holding ponds takes special consideration.

Dredging these industrial lagoons can include handling contaminated material in sensitive areas. Frequently, industrial lagoons require dredging because the holding ponds have reached or exceeded original design capacity. Dredge America understands the high-pressure situations involved in industrial plant production schedules and regulatory issues.

We understand that the liner cannot be damaged and take specific precautions to avoid contact with the liner.

Our dredging crews work closely with our clients to coordinate the most efficient dredging and dewatering methods based on the industrial lagoon capacity and the specific needs of the client. We are very familiar with environmental regulations and can work closely with local, state or federal officials throughout the dredging process.

We have worked in a variety of industrial and municipal dredging situations including nuclear power facilities, municipal power plants, industrial manufacturing facilities and mines. All of our dredging crews are OSHA and Red Cross trained and MSHA certified.

If you have specific questions about your industrial or municipal lagoon or how hydraulic dredging can help you significantly increase your industrial lagoon capacity, call Dredge America at 800-464-5597.


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